Downloads & Printables

Looking for ways to engage your curious student in food science? Or, need to add to your homeschooling STEM lessons? Click on the below links for downloads.  


Great in notebooks, or in a picture frame on the wall of your home classroom! The steps in the scientific method in a kid-friendly format:

 Scientific Method for Kids – free printable


Even preschool-aged scientists need a lab notebook! Easy format for students to record their observations with big handwriting and hand-drawn pictures: 

LAB NOTEBOOK for preschool kids

Lab notebooks for elementary students encourage skills like critical thinking, collecting data, and interpreting results. The formatting of this notebook helps guide students to record observations using the scientific method – similar to how they’ll conduct an experiment in a high school (or professional) setting.

 LAB NOTEBOOK for elementary kids


“What is yeast” experiment is an easy introduction about the living microorganism, yeast, and why it is a key ingredient in bread-making. Will you be walking your student through the experiment? The teaching guide (first link) is for you! This includes discussion prompts, and extra detail. The student experiment (second link) is a student-led lesson for curious young scientists (who can read well). 

1) What is Yeast Teaching Guide

2) What is Yeast Student Experiment