Are you curious in the kitchen?

Who doesn’t like to browse the web’s many outstanding food blogs, loaded with delicious recipes and beautiful photos? These days, it isn’t hard to dream about being a great gourmet cook and entertaining fabulously. But then comes the hard part: actually doing it in your own kitchen! Easy, flawless, picture-perfect, right?


Mistakes happen. It’s harder than it looks to cook or bake consistently, like a pro. Why? Because foods react, breakdown or change as we add acids, mix, heat, boil, broil, sauté, steam, freeze, melt, chop, blend, puree, dice, or try to mimic any seasoned chef’s “simple” techniques,

How do they make it look sooooo easy?

If you are after those secrets, then the FoodScienceSecrets.com blog is for you…and that’s what makes this blog different than other foodie blogs. Food Science Secrets is a blog about food science, and answers the “why” of food so you can better understand our food system and the ingredients we love. It’s a blog for all curious cooks who love to eat and want the confidence to try new recipes and experiment a bit. I know you care about the food you eat, and so do I.

So, you will find posts explaining food chemistry and reactions, food industry hot topics, ideas to engage kids in the kitchen, and new recipes to try in your own food lab.

Thanks for taking time to read Food Science Secrets – I’m glad you’re here!

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15 thoughts

  1. Hello,
    I met you at a Womans Farmer meeting in Des Moines I sat next to you. I would really like to sit down and talk to you about the project that I am working on.

  2. Hello Mary!
    I came across your blog while trying to find a simple explanation for the application of polyphenol oxidase in the food industry, and here you are. I shall be trawling your archives in my study break. I am taking a post grad diploma in food science and technology at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia after many years in the catering trade (I am through with washing pots and toting bales as well as cooking 14 hours a day, in my next incarnation in the work place I want a white coat and a clipboard and a pH monitor).
    Great blog!



    1. Hi Susanna!
      I’m glad to have popped up in your PPO research! Congrats to you and your pursuit of the Food Science degree! No doubt your extensive experience in catering will prove invaluable as you continue on in the food industry (lab coat and all!). Please keep in touch!

  3. Hi Mary

    I am a first-year food tech student, and I found some really useful information on emulsion in mayonnaise. I will come and visit your blog later on~ thanks!
    Can you email me your full name? because I need to refer you in my reference.

    1. Hi Nicole:
      Great to hear you’re joining the food science ranks! Send me an email and we can chat!

  4. Hi Mary!

    I love your blog! I am a third year food science and technology student. I am very interested in culinology/research and development. I am a huge foodie and love playing with and perfecting recipes. I am trying to figure out what I am going to do post-graduation (work, grad school, culinary). What is your opinion on going to culinary school? Would that help me set me apart from those in the research and development sector of food science?


    1. Hi Nichol:

      Thanks very much for reading the blog! I love hearing from readers like you – there are so many exciting opportunities in the food industry. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email, perhaps we could chat more about your career goals. With your training and a passion for food, you’ll find there are several options to combine your interests. As someone once told me, with the right preparation, there’s always ways you can shape your career to attain your dream job! My email is foodsciencesecrets@gmail.com. I’d love to hear more about you.


  5. Dear Mary,

    First off great blog!! As a fellow food blogger I know how hard it is to put together an amazing website. I wanted to see if you had any articles that I could re-publish on BBQ or Grilling?? Also, I wanted to see if you would be interested in working together on a long term basis. I hope that we can connect and check out my website: http://www.GrillingWithRich.com

    All the best,


  6. Hi Nicole,

    I came across your blog today while search for jobs in the food industry. Your blog really inspires me to keep learning and don’t give up what you are looking for. I recent graduated with a degree in Food Science and interested in working in research & development sector. There was not many entry level for R&D instead of QA. Should I start with QA then work my way to R&D? How was your first experience in finding a job in the food industry?


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