Lab Notebooks for Kids: Printable

Does your little scientist use a lab notebook? Lab notebooks encourage skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) like problem solving, collecting data, and interpreting results. Plus, they’re easy to use! You don’t need to spend hours setting up complicated experiments for your kids. Pull out the lab notebook when your child gets curious and peppers you with “Why” questions, incorporate it into your everyday kitchen cooking, or with those Pinterest projects you’ve pinned. 🙂

*And, for some easy, kid-friendly experiments using everyday pantry items try these: the Yeast Experiment or the Potions & Acidity Experiment.

The format of this notebook helps students record observations using the scientific method – similar to how they’ll conduct an experiment in a high school lab (or professional) setting.

Is your student in preschool? Give the first printable a try! Space for big handwriting and hand-drawn pictures help young kids record their ideas. (They may still enjoy having you help them scribe!) Is your student in grade school? Then printable #2 is for you.

  1. LABORATORY NOTEBOOK for PreK/PreK-2 kids <—click this link to print
  2. LABORATORY NOTEBOOK for elementary kids <—click this link to print

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