Guinness Floats: The Drunken Leprechaun

guinness float, easy st patricks day cocktail recipe

A quick recipe for St. Patrick’s Day! Btw, these Guinness Floats are also great for watching basketball. 🙂   Lucky you!

Guinness Floats: The Drunken Leprechaun

  • Servings: who's counting
  • Time: the speed at which you scoop
  • Difficulty: super easy
  • Print

The best way to drink beer. 🙂


  • Good vanilla ice cream
  • Guinness beer, cold
  • Cold glass or beer mug


  1. Add vanilla ice cream to a cold glass.
  2. Pour Guinness beer over the ice cream
  3. Enjoy!

For more on the science behind beer, check out “Wassuuup with Beer: Factors that Affect the Quality of Your Brew.” 

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