Cookbook Sneak Peek

Here it is, a sneak peak of the cookbook – Home Run Hits: Scoring with Kids in the Kitchen! The cookbook was a really fun project. Not only did I get to work with former Major League baseball player Casey Blake, but I got to put my food science to good use and developed over 100 fun recipes for kids! A sneak peek of a few recipes pictured below.

Home Run Hits was developed to encourage kids to get into the kitchen and have some fun with food. The book features a kid-friendly ABC format, and contains a variety of recipes including simple snacks, healthy mains, yummy breads, and more. In the book you’ll find easy recipes kids can complete by themselves, and more challenging recipes that (might require an adult sous chef but) may teach kids a new technique like how to knead bread or make a roux. As an added bonus, you’ll find nutrition and food science info tid-bites sprinkled throughout the book, so the kids might learn a little something new while cooking!

This cookbook was developed to benefit the Indianola Iowa Youth Foundation, created by Casey and Abbie Blake. The Home Run Hits cookbook is one effort to raise funds for future programming. Order yours at and help the kids!

Interested in a custom cookbook for your community or fundraiser? Contact me at

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